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Submission Last Date : 31/08/2021
Acceptance Notification : Within 10-15 days
Publication Date : 05/09/2021
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Call for Paper volume-07, Issue-01, January 2021, Last Date is 31/01/2021.

What is peer review?

Peer Review is intended to evaluate the quality of articles for Publication. Its definitive design is to keep up the uprightness of science by sifting through low quality articles. It is a filter of article, quality of article.

Peer Review Process

  1. Submission of Article
  2. Editor Received the article and this stage check the format, match the subject and plagiarism as per the journal guidelineas. At this stage not check the quality of paper.
  3. If article fullfiled this guidelines of journal. Article send to reviewer for review and also check the quality of papers. if not, the Article may be rejected.
  4. Send Paper to reviwer and reviwer examine the paper send review to editor.
  5. Editor evalute the review and give reply as Accept or Reject.
  6. If paper is accpeted then send mail to author and direct for further process and paper is send for publication process. If paper is rejected or send back with minor revision include with comments from reviewers. if paper sent for revision, new revised paper will be accpeted and same process repeat.